Friday, 9 August 2013

And then there was Eve....

I started this off rambling on about women and men but got to a point where i felt that that area has been overcooked. There's something I've always kept at my hem because its one of those things we sit on as women and girs and just let it crease.

I am not fond of having girls, particularly, as my friends....yess i said it.... Women find ways to complicate and deteriorate any situation without facts nor cleart hinking. i hate to generalize hey but it happens to the best of us, myself included....

Batsi watsindza umfati watsindza imbhokodo.....ave banemanga.... i think the saddest thing I've seen a woman do is slap her poor thigh while her friends look and chant on in support... ninemanga... why is it that we take ourselves and moes maar make a spectacle of ourselves in front of people. Going around beating girls for joling your guy.... i may be behind ngesyllabus but i do know kutsi if a guy kens that his joling you and asks another lady out, its not the ladies fault. I've seen weaves fall off after fights and i always ask myself.....WHY???

We have forgotten our worth as women and thats why , i believe, guys can just do what they will with us. to date a man while knowing he is married is proof of how insecure one is. and we cannot blame the media for our thinking, ALL THINGS IN THE WORLD ARE AN INFLUENCE.....THE DECISION TO ACCEPT OR REJECT LIES WITH YOU.

Im not a size 32( i heard that that's the size to be theses days......)..... im big and i love it. I accept that their are cloths that were designed without me in mind...(.however true that is, its not fair,) and that i should not test to see how far material shall stretch(eish i wanna cry when a phat madam does this(/o\) sinks into the potholes, potbelly and all them other pots). why? Cause i know, im a beautiful woman and whoever does not see nor appreciate that is not meant to be in my life. Im a women who bears fruit, for the refreshing of thirst and uhnger to those around me and the regeneration of my knowledge and character within them.

It's a choice to believe that your all this.... Nobody will tell you, but when you can look yourself i te mirror and say it knowing you believe it ...nobody can take it away from you. not comments nor gossip.

When you are stable within yourself, men too, nobody can ever dethrone who you are, how do we see that?

From the abundance of the heart.....your mouth shall speak......

Happy Womens Day.....
I consider it pure joy....


  1. Quite insightful, and hilarious if I may add! LOL I like the honesty, the realness.Way to go Simelane!

  2. Thank you Mbuso, highly appreciated especially from you